1.How soon will my order be delivered?

Delivery time for each country are as follows

*Please note that delivery time refers to the time from order placement to delivery

Country COD cost Free shipping Shipping fee Delivery
Saudi Arabia 10 350 40 8-12 days
United Arab Emirates 10 300 20 7-12 days
Kuwait 1 29 4 10-15 days
Qatar 10 360 40 10-15 days
Bahrain 1 35 4 7-10 days
Oman 1 30 4 7-10 days
Jordan 2 55 7 9-12 days
Lebanon 1 40 9 10-15 days
Iraq 1450 86000 10000 10-15 days
Morocco 20 800 50 9-12 days

2.Why can't I choose cash on delivery?

①Please check whether the amount of items is within the COD available range

②If there are two or more COD orders in transit, new COD order cannot be placed

③Please check to see if the Checkout interface has a cash on delivery option, if not, indicating that the country/city/region doesn't support cash on delivery

3.How do I check which logistics company ships my order?

Logistics company can be viewed in All orders-Order tracking


6.Why is my order returned?

The reasons for the order to be returned are roughly as follows:

①Address/zip code error

②The logistics company cannot reach the customer or the number is invalid

③The delivery address is not covered

7.Why doesn't the order update the logistics track?

Sometimes the logistics company doesn't update the logistics track in time, please be patient, we will ship your order ASAP Or because the order is stuck in customs clearance, we will try our best to promote the customs clearance process

8.What if the logistics track shows delivery failures/customer unavailable?

Please confirm whether the address/phone number filled in is correct, then contact the logistics company to verify the information and make an appointment for the delivery time

9.What if the logistics track shows that it has been signed, but I have not received it?

Please confirm whether someone is collecting the package for you, if not, you can contact the logistics company to inquire about the order trend

10.Can I sign for my order later?

We can keep the package for up to 14 days before delivering the package

11.How do I contact the logistics company?



Qatar: 97431422277;97430609912;97433830383

Kuwait:965 98881517

Bahrain: 17000323




United Arab Emirates: 971600566221

Saudi Arabia: 966920035757

Oman: 96893508755

Morocco: 212665036676




Jordan: 920020505

Bahrain: 80020800

Kuwait: 8002464444